Sail On Old Ship
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Wesley Chapel was founded June 20, 1817, at the dawn of Indiana’s statehood, as a group of settlers longing for fellowship first gathered together in a little New Albany cake shop near the corner of Pearl and Main. Reverently known as “The Old Ship”, Wesley Chapel remains a resilient and brilliant light in the community. This is her story.

Written in honor of Wesley Chapel’s Bicentennial, Sail on Old Ship: A History of Wesley Chapel, Floyd County, Indiana 1817-2017 chronicles the church’s life, growth, and impact on the world. Brilliantly told through the eyes of a historian and sociologist, this brief and well-documented history connects The Old Ship’s struggles and triumphs to the tumultuous social and political changes, natural and economic disasters, changes in leadership and population experienced in the local community, the state, and America. The history includes a full role call of pastors as well as many of the lay leaders who shepherded the church, documented through interesting stories, quotes, and rare photos.

This fascinating history reminds every “fisher of men” of the fortitude and sacrifices of those who came before us, encouraging  all of us to remember Who it is that steers the ship, and for Whom we toil.

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Sail On Old Ship

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